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  Technical Program

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Session Schedule

Monday- 10 March 2008
17:30 – Registration

Tuesday 11th March 2008

08:00 Registration
08:30 – 09:00 Welcoming Remarks
09:00 – 10:40 Session on AMSR/AMSR-E (I) (Chairs: E. Lobl, A. Shibata)
09:00 Wakasa Bay-An AMSR Precipitation Validation Campaign - E. Lobl, K. Aonashi, B.Griffith, C. Kummerow, G. Liu, M. Murakami, T. Wilheit
09:20 Progress on a Common AMSR-E/TMI Level-3 Oceanic Rainfall Algorithm - T. Wilheit, R. Weitz
09:40 Microwave characteristics of organized mesoscale convection over the ocean – L. Mitnik, M. Mitnik
10:00 An accuracy of hurricane/typhoon wind speed retrieved from AMSR-E 7 and 10 GHz horizontal brightness temperature – S. Saitoh
10:20 Evaluation of Retrieved Cloud Liquid Water from AMSR-E, and Impact on Numerical Weather Prediction - T. Egawa
10:40 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:40 Session on AMSR/AMSR-E (II)
11:00 The sensitivity of passive microwave responses to the hydrometeor properties simulated by a cloud resolving model in real rainfall systems associated with Baiu front – H. Eito, K. Aonashi
11:20 Assessing dynamic approaches in snow water equivalent/snow depth retrieval from AMSR-E brightness temperatures – M. Tedesco, J.L. Foster, R. Kelly
11:40 Estimation of soil temperature for soil moisture retrievals using microwave observations – R. Bindlish, T. Jackson, J. Du
12:00 Surface Soil Drying Observed by AMSR-E in the Mongolian Plateau – I. Kahiotsu, T. Koike, T. Ohta, K. Tamagawa, D. Gombo, O. Dambaravjaa, T. Yamanaka
12:20 A simple technique to improve the AMSR-E spatial resolution – E. Santi, M. Brogioni, G. Macelloni, S. Paloscia, P. Pampaloni, S. Pettinato
12:40 – 14:20 Lunch
14:20 – 16:00 Session on Soil Moisture - Honouring Tom Schmugge and Anatolji Shutko (I) (Chairs:  T. Jackson and P. Pampaloni)
14:20 Passive Microwave Radiometry of Land: Contributions of Tom Schmugge and Anatoli Shutko – T. Jackson, P. Pampaloni
14:40 Early Passive Microwave Observations from Aircraft: Soil Moisture, Snow and Sea Ice – T. Schmugge
15:00 30 Years of Research into Microwave Radiometry of Vegetation Canopies in IRE RAS – A. Chukhlantsev, A. Shutko
15:20 Soil moisture products: satellite / model / in-situ cross-validation – J.C. Calvet, C. Rüdiger, N. Fritz, J.F. Mahfouf
15:40 Satellite Soil Moisture in Research Applications – R. De Jeu, T. Holmes, M. Owe, A. Van Dijk, T. Jupp, Y. Liu, G. Wang, H. Dolman
16:00 – 16:20 Coffee Break
16:20 – 18:00 Session on Soil Moisture - Honouring Tom Schmugge and Anatolji Shutko (II)
16:20 Improved parameterization of the soil emission in L-MEB – J-P Wigneron, A. Chanzy, Y. Kerr, J.-C. Shi, V. Mironov, P. de Rosnay, M-J Escorihuela, A. Cano, F. Demontoux, J. Grant, H.Lawrence, A. Mialon, K. Saleh
16:40 Simultaneous Airborne Passive Microwave, Lidar, Photo, and Thermal Data for GIMS – R. Haarbrink, A. Shutko, E. Novichikhin, I. Sidorov, V. Kanev, K. Milenov, L. Milenova, K. Ivanov
17:00 Frequency Dependences of Microwave Emission of Soils with Roughness of from 1.5 GHz to 37 GHz Based on Numerical Solutions of Maxwell Equations – K.S. Chen, P. Xu, L. Tsang, J.C. Shi
17:20 Extending the tau-omega Model to Account for Significant Scattering in Vegetation – B. Hornbuckle
17:40 Soil moisture effect on microwave emission under forest canopies - A. Della Vecchia, P. Ferrazzoli, L.Guerriero, S.Paloscia, P.Pampaloni, E.Santi, S.Pettinato
18:30 Reception at Chiesa di Orsanmichele

Wednesday 12th March 2008
08:30 – 10:10 Session on SMOS (I) (Chairs: A. Camps and Y. Kerr)
08:30 The SMOS Mission: objectives and status – SMOS Team - Y. Kerr, P. Waldteufel, J.P. Wigneron, H. Hahne, S. Mecklenburg
08:50 SMOS Calibration: Approach and Expectations – M. Martìn-Neira, M. Brown, J. Closa, I. Corbella, F. Torres, A. Colliander, J. Lemmetyinen, J. Kainulainen, M. Suess
09:10 Image Reconstruction Algorithms for 2D Aperture Synthesis Radiometers – E. Anterrieu, A. Camps
09:30 Parameterisation and calibration of L-MEB in the Level-2 SMOS algorithm – J.P. Wigneron, Y. Kerr, K. Saleh, P. Richaume, P. de Rosnay, M.J. Escorihuela, J.C. Calvet, A. Cano, A. Chanzy, F. Demontoux, J. Grant, M. Guglielmetti, H. Lawrence, E. Lopez-Baeza, A. Mialon, T. Pellarin, G.C. Rüdiger, G. Ruffié, M. Schwank, N. Skou, P. Waldteufel, M. Berger, S. Delwart
09:50 The SMOS ocean salinity retrieval algorithm – J. Font, J. Boutin, N. Reul, P. Waldteufel, C. Gabarró, S.Zine, J. Tenerelli, M. Talone, F. Petitcolin, J.L. Vergely, S. Delwart, I. Meirold-Mautner
10:10 – 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 – 12:10 Session on SMOS (II)
10:30 Cryosphere Applications of ESA’s SMOS Earth Explorer Opportunity Mission – M.R. Drinkwater
10:50 Overview of SMOS ground campaigns over the ocean – N. Reul
11:10 Main outcomes of the CoSMOS/NAFE campaign for the validation of the SMOS soil moisture retrieval algorithm – K. Saleh, Y. Kerr, G. Boulet, M.J. Escorihuela, P. Maisongrande, P. Richaume, P. de Rosnay, J.P. Wigneron, J. Grant, E. Lopez-Baeza, M. Berger, S. Delwart, R. Panciera, J. Walker
11:30 The Impact of Combining SMOS and ARGO Data on the SMOS Level 3 Product, the Repercussions on the Coastal Vicinity Effect – M. Talone, A. Camps, B. Mourre, R. Sabia, C. Gabarro’, J. Font, M. Vall-llossera
11:50 The Aquarius/SAC-D mission and Status of the Aquarius Instrument – D.M. Le Vine, G.S.E. Lagerloef, F. Pellerano, S. Yueh, R. Colomb
12:10 – 13:5 0 Lunch
13:50 – 15:30 Session on Sensors & Missions (I) (Chairs: N. Skou and S. Reising)
13:50 Measurements on Active Cold Loads for Radiometer Calibration – N. Skou, S. Soebjerg, J. Balling
14:10 Polarimetric Interferometric Radiometers: Analysis of Front-end Non-idealities – A. Colliander, P. De Maagt, T. Närhi
14:30 A New Generation of Passive Microwave Radiometers for Atmospheric Remote Sensing – T. Rose, H. Czekala, U. Löhnert, A. Battaglia
14:50 PAU in SeoSAT: A Proposed Hybrid L-band Microwave Radiometer/GPS Reflectometer to Improve Sea Surface Salinity Estimates from Space – A. Camps, N. Rodríguez-Álvarez, X.Bosch-Lluis, J.F.Marchán, I.Ramos-Pérez, M. Segarra, Ll.Sagués, D.Tarragó, O. Cuñado, R. Vilaseca, A. Tomàs, J. Mas
15:10 A New Algorithm to Retrieve Ice Concentration from Passive Microwave Data – M. Shokr, A. Lambe, T. Agnew
15:30 – 16:30 Break & Poster Presentation
16:30 – 18:10 Session on Sensors & Missions (II)
16:30 MIRAS Ground Characterization – I. Corbella, F. Torres, N. Duffo, M. Vall-llossera, A. Camps, V. Gonzalez, M. Martìn-Neira
16:50 Forest Fire Detection by Low-Cost 13GHz Radiometer – F. Alimenti, S. Bonafoni, G. Tasselli, S. Leone, L. Roselli, K. Solbach, P. Basili
17:10 Intercomparison of the Cross-Track and Conical Scanning – B. Yan, F. Weng, J. Derber
17:30 Anomalies Associated with Reflector Emissivity and Noise Diode Stability Uncovered During the Pre-launch Calibration of the Advanced Microwave Radiometer: Root Cause and Resolution – S. Brown, A. Kitiyakara, A. Prata, D. Dawson, E. Long
17:50 Flower constellation of micro-satellite millimeter-wave radiometers for pseudogeostationary atmospheric observations at regional scale – F.S. Marzano, D. Cimini, M. Montopoli, A. Nassisi, D. Oricchio, T. Rossi, M. De Sanctis, L. Pulvirenti, N. Pierdicca, A. Mugnai, D. Mortari
19:30 Piano Recital at the Teatro del Sale

Poster Session I – Tuesday 11th/Wednesday 12th March 2008
Sensors and Missions
Resonances in corrugated horn antennas manifesting as baseline features in balanced spectra – E. De Wachter, A. Haefele, N. Kaempfer, S. Ka, A. Murk, J. Oh, C. Straub
Combined Airborne Radio-instruments for Ocean and Land Studies (CAROLS) – D. Hauser, P. Fanise, M. Parde’, N. Skou, A. Ruis
Development of Space L-band radiometric system and radiometer-polarimeter for subsatellite measurements –  M.T. Smirnov, A.N. Armand , S.V. Marechek, V.P. Savorski, Yu.G. Tishchenko, V.S. Ablyazov, A. Khaldin
A compact airborne G-band (183 GHz) water vapour radiometer and retrievals of liquid cloud parameters from coincident radiometer and millimeter wave radar measurements – A. Pazmany, M. Wolde
High-resolution spectral radiometer imaging system – M. Jirousek, M. Peichl, H. Suess
CALIMAS: Overview and current status of the Spanish Contribution to the SMOS CAL/VAL Activities - J. Ballabrera-Poy, A. Fernández-Ríos, A. Rius, A. Lavín, M. Portabella, A.Hernández-Guerra, E. García, J. Mallorquí, M. Vall-llossera, I. Corbella, J. Font, A. Camps
Use of Pseudo-Random Noise Sequences in Microwave Radiometer Calibration I. Ramos-Perez, X. Bosch-Lluis, A. Camps, N. Rodríguez-Álvarez, J.F Marchan-Hernandez, E. Valencia
The Impact of the Number of Bits in Digital Beamforming Real Aperture and Synthetic Aperture Radiometers - X. Bosch-Lluis, I. Ramos-Pérez, A. Camps, E. Valencia, J.F. Marchan-Hernandez, N. Rodríguez-Álvarez, M. Vericat, M.A. Guerrero
Light L-band Radiometer for Unmanned Small Aircraft Applications - A. Aguasca, P. Benedicto, A. Camps
ELBARA II, L-band Radiometer Systems to be deployed for SMOS Cal/Val Purposes – A. Wiessmann, M. Schwank, C. Werner, C. Mätzler, B. Elsasser, U. Wegmuller
The WindSat Polarimetric Microwave Radiometer Mission – Advances in Data Products – P. Gaiser, M. Bettenhausen, L. Li, I. Adams, W. Johnston
Specialized RFI Filter For Synthetic Aperture Radiometers and Performance With 2D-STAR – M. Haken, D.M. Le Vine
Frequency-selective devices based on a polarization multibeam interferometer for radiometers in the millimeter and submillimeter wavelength ranges – L. Kniazkov, N. Ruzhentsev
A end-to-end simulator for the AltiKa radiometer – B. Picard, E. Obligis, N. Steunou, P. Sengenes, L. Eymard
On the reduction of the systematic error in imaging radiometry by aperture synthesis: a new approach for the SMOS space mission – A. Khazaal, H. Carfantan, E. Anterrieu
On-Orbit Radiometric Validation and Field-of-View Calibration of Spaceborne Microwave Sounding Instruments – W. Blackwell
Preparing the ESA-SMOS (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity) mission - Overview of the User Data Products and Data Distribution Strategy – R. Crapolicchio, S. Pinori, S. Mecklenburg
New submillimeter airborne instrument for cloud and surface measurements – Clare Lee
Development of a Miniaturized Microwave Radiometer for Satellite Remote Sensing – S. Reising, S. Padmanabhan, W. Foster, D.McKague
New Methods for Networked Microwave Radiometers Operational Quality Control in Realtime – P. Huguenin, D. Ruffieux, B. Calpini
Development of an Observational System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) for a Geostationary Microwave Imager – A. Gasiewski, B.L. Weber, A. Jash
Development of a microstrip array antenna for L-band radiometer – A. Cucini, G. Macelloni, F. Mariottini, P. Pampaloni, C. Riminesi,A. Toccafondi
Development of space-borne microwave radiometers by JAXA – H.Sasaki, S.Saitoh, A.Shibata
Error propagation in SMOS calibration subsystem – J. Kainulainen, J. Lemmetyinen, K. Rautiainen, A. Colliander, J. Uusitalo and J.Lahtinen
Continuous monitoring of surface roughness changes over a bare soil field using L-band brightness temperature – A. Mialon, J.P. Wigneron, P. de Rosnay, M.J. Escorihuela, Y. Kerr
Perturbative solution for the scattering from multilayered structure with rough boundaries -   D. Riccio, A. Iodice, P. Imperatore
Spaceborne microwave radiometry of the Moon surface layer: a model-based study – F. S. Marzano, M. Montopoli, P. Tognolatti, N. Pierdicca, G. Perrotta
An Intercomparison of ERS-Scat and AMSR-E Observations, and SVAT Soil Moisture Simulations over France – C. Rüdiger, T. Holmes, J.C. Calvet, R. de Jeu, W. Wagner
Historical data set of satellite–derived global land surface moisture – M. Owe, R. de Jeu, T. Holmes
Passive and active microwave data for soil moisture retrieval at global scale – L. Dente, R. de Jeu, Z. Vekerdy, Z.B. Su
Microwave Remote Sensing of Deformations on Curved/Rough Surface under a Layered Medium – O. Mudanyali, A. Yapar
L-band Signatures Emitted from Soils with Orientated Surface Structures – I. Völksch, M. Schwank, C. Mätzler, M. Stähli
Global Soil Moisture Retrievals from WindSat Spaceborne Radiometer – L. Li, P. Gaiser, T. Jackson
Determination of Earth Surface Roughness through Surface Impedance Modeling – E. Kilic, M. Cayoren, G.S. Unal
On the radiometric errors in satellite microwave radiometric imaging of a terrain with complex topography – L. Pulvirenti , F.S. Marzano
Remote sensing of land surface using microwave radiometers, infrared radiometers, optical cameras and lidar: Bulgaria-2007 experiment – R. Haarbrink, A. Shutko, E. Novichikhin, S. Golovachev, A. Chukhlantsev, V. Krapivin, V. Kanev, K. Milenov, L. Milenova, K. Ivanov, A. Krisilov, I. Sidorov
Combined passive microwave and infrared estimates of land surface skin temperature: application to the estimation of land surface turbulent fluxes – C. Jimenez, C. Prigent, F. Aires

Thursday 13th March 2008
08:30 – 10:10 Session on d’Auria Memorial (I)  (Chairs: D. Solimini and E. Westwater)
08:30 Microwave radiometry of clouds and precipitation: the contribution of the La Sapienza group and Giovanni d’Auria – F.S. Marzano, N. Pierdicca, P. Basili, P. Ciotti, L. Pulvirenti
08:50 From radiowave propagation to remote sensing: the way blazed by Prof. d’Auria – N. Pierdicca, P. Basili, P. Ciotti, F.S. Marzano, D. Solimini
09:10 Previous studies about microwave signatures of agricultural fields - P. Ferrazzoli, P. Pampaloni, S. Paloscia, D. Solimini
 09:30 Future challenges in passive microwave atmospheric remote sensing from satellites – D. Staelin
09:50 Deployments of Microwave and Millimeter-wave Radiometers in the Arctic – Ed R. Westwater
10:10 – 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 – 12:10 Session on d’Auria Memorial (II)
10:30 Temperature and humidity profiling in the Arctic using millimeter- and submillimeter-wave radiometry – D. Cimini, Ed R. Westwater, A. Gasiewski, M. Klein, V. Leuski
10:50 New retrieval algorithms for the wet tropospheric correction using neural networks – E. Obligis, S. Labroue, L. Eymard, A. Rahmani
11:10 Retrieval of 3-D Tropospheric Water Vapor using a Network of Scanning Compact Microwave Radiometers – S. Reising, S. Padmanabhan, J. Vivekanandan, F. Iturbide-Sanchez
11:30 NOAA-08: An Optimal Atmospheric Dataset for Algorithm Training and Covariance Matrix Generation – K. Garrett, S. Boukabara, F. Weng
11:50 The potential of polarimetric radiometry for Numerical Weather Prediction – B. Candy, S. English, D. Bebbington
12:10 – 13:50 Lunch
13: 50 – 15:30 Session on Atmosphere (I) (Chairs: F. Marzano and D. Staelin)
13:50 High Precision and High Resolution Global Precipitation Map from Satellite Data – K. Okamoto
14:10 Optimization of oxygen sounding channel frequencies and polarisations – T. Sreerekha, S. English
14:30 Improved Modeling and Retrieval of Convective Precipitation from Spaceborne Passive Microwave Measurements – W. Blackwell
14:50 GSMaP passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithms – K.Aonashi
15:10 Advances in surface-based radiometry, with emphasis on liquid water – C. Mätzler, J. Morland
15:30 – 15:50 Coffee Break
15:50 – 17:30 Session on Atmosphere (II)
15:50 Studies of mid-latitude and diagnosis of tropical hurricanes beginning with the methods of microwave radiometry – A. Grankov, S. Golovachev, V. Krapivin, A. Mil’shin, A. Shutko
16:10 Observations of Attenuation Due to Liquid-bearing Stratocumulus Clouds over Ottawa Using a Ground-based Profiling Radiometer - P. Bouchard
16:30 Analysis of the radiometric signal in clouds based on multi-sensor TRMM observations – E. Defer, C. Prigent, A. De Lima, C. Pearl, B. Rossow, J. Pardo, J.P. Pinty
16:50 Development of a 22 GHz Correlating Radiometer for the Observation of Stratospheric Water Vapor – C. Straub, A. Murk, N. Kämpfer, D. Zardet, B. Stuber
17:10 Boundary layer observations in West Africa using a ground-based 14-channel microwave radiometer – B. Pospichal, S. Crewell
20:30 Social Dinner at Grand Hotel

Friday 14th March 2008
08:30 – 10:10 Session on Soil and Vegetation (Chairs: R. Lang and N. Pierdicca)
08:30 Microwave Vegetation Indices Derived from Satellite Microwave Radiometers – J.C. Shi, T. Jackson
08:50 Estimation of Canopy Attenuation for Active/Passive Microwave Soil Moisture Retrievals – M. Kurum, R. Lang, P. O’Neill, A. Joseph, T. Jackson, M. Cosh
09:10 Complex Microwave Transmissivity of Tree Crowns – A. Chukhlantsev, V. Kobylianskij, S. Marechek, Y. Tsargorodtsev, A. Shutko
09:30 Testing a New Model for the L-band Radiation of Moist Leaf Litter – M. Schwank, M. Guglielmetti, C. Mätzler, H. Flühler
09:50 Small scale effects on the brightness temperature at 1.4 GHz: ponding in an agricultural field - C. Erbas, B. Hornbuckle
10:10 – 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 – 12:10 Session on Ocean (Chairs: D.M. Le Vine, L.Mitnik)
10:30 AMSR-E SST observation in Arctic Ocean for summer 2007 – A. Shibata, H. Murakami
10:50 An Anisotropic Ocean Surface Emissivity Model Based on WindSat Polarimetric Brightness Observations – D.F. Smith, B. Weber, A. Gasiewski
11:10 Wind Retrievals under Rain for Passive Satellite Microwave Radiometers using C and X Band Frequencies and its Application to Hurricane Tracking – T. Meissner, F. Wentz
11:30 On the Correlation of Area-Extensive Measurement of Fractional Area Whitecap Coverage With Microwave Brightness Temperatures – J. Bobak, W. Asher, D. Dowgiallo, M. Anguelova
11:50 L-band radiometry and reflection of the Galaxy by a rough ocean surface – E. Dinnat, D.M. Le Vine, S. Abraham
12:10 – 13:50 Lunch
13:50 – 15:30 Session on Snow and Sea Ice (I) (Chairs: L. Tsang and J. C. Shi)
13:50 Microwave emission from snowpacks: modelling the effects of volume scattering, surface scattering and layering – L. Tsang, D. Liang, X. Xu, P.Xu
14:10 Airborne Mapping of Soil Moisture and Snow Water Equivalent – A. Gasiewski, E. McIntyre, M. Klein, D. Smith, D. Manda, V. Leuski, B. S. Stankov
14:30 Detection of snow melt onset using different algorithms in global scale – M. Takala, J. Pulliainen
14:50 Monitoring of temporal and spatial variability of the East Antarctic plateau using passive microwave data - G.Macelloni, M. Brogioni, S. Paloscia, S. Pettinato, P. Pampaloni, E. Santi
15:10 Combined Passive and Active Microwave Retrieval of Falling Snow During the 2003 Wakasa Bay Field Experiment – B. Johnson, G. Skofronick Jackson, G. Petty, J. Wang
15:30 – 16:30 Break & Poster Presentation
16:30 – 17:50 Session on Snow and Sea Ice (II)
16:30 Validation of the ASI Ice Concentration Algorithm using Landsat-7 ETM+ and SAR imagery – H. Wiebe, G. Heygster
16:50 The retrievals of sea-ice concentration from variationally-retrieved microwave surface emissivities – C. Kongoli, S.A. Boukabara, B. Yan, F. Weng, R. Ferraro
17:10 Neural-Network based algorithm for ice concentration retrievals from satellite passive microwave data – L. Bobylev, E. Zabolotskikh, L. Mitnik, O. Johannessen
17:30 A theoretical analysis on the sensitivity of microwave emission to snow parameters – M. Brogioni
18:00 Farewell and Best Posters Awards

Poster Session II –Thursday 13th / Friday 14th March 2008
Theoretical study of the impact of scanning geometry on microwave sounding of temperature and humidity – F. Weng, S. Boukabara, K. Garrett
Atmospheric opacity and phase delay at sub-millimeter wavelengths – J. Cernicharo, M.C. Wiedner, E. Serabyn, J.R. Pardo
A one year time series of tropospheric water vapor and temperature profiles observed by the ASMUWARA microwave radiometer – E.N. Koffi, C. Mätzler, E. Brocard, M. Schneebeli
Arctic polar algorithms for atmospheric water parameter retrievals from satellite passive microwave data – E. Zabolotskikh, L. Mitnik, L. Bobylev, O. Johannessen
1D-Var Retrieval of the Wet Tropospheric Correction in Coastal Regions – L. Eymard, E. Obligis, C. Desportes
Radiance assimilation of lower tropospheric sounding microwave channels over land – F. Hilton, S. English, T. Sreerekha
Observation of stratospherical trace gases by millimeter wave radiometry in tropical South America – G. Kopp, P. Hoffmann, J. Gross, G. Hochschild
A Novel Microwave Radiometer for Assessment of Atmospheric Propagation Conditions for 10 and 90 GHz Frequency Bands - D. Nörenberg, S. Crewell, Th. Rose, A. Martellucci
Retrieval of atmospheric water vapour profile using the Megha-Tropiques – C. Prigent, H. Brogniez, F. Bernardo, F. Aires
Development of a neural network for precipitable water vapor retrieval over ocean and land – P. Ciotti, F. Pelliccia, V. Mattioli, S. Bonafoni, P. Basili
Analysis of microwave and millimeter-wave water vapor brightness temperatures in the Arctic – V.Y. Leuski, M. Klein, A.J. Gasiewski, D. Cimini, Ed R. Westwater, V. Mattioli
Comparison of ground-based millimeter-wave observations in the Arctic winter – V. Payne, M. Exner, M. Mlawer, D. Turner, Ed R. Westwater, D. Cimini
Analysis of rainfall retrieval from ground-based multi-channel microwave radiometry – F.S. Marzano, D. Cimini, A. Memmo
Use of NWP data and ground microwave radiometers for the climatological assessment of radiowave propagation models – L. Luini, C. Riva, A. Martellucci
The impact of assimilating SSMIS radiances on analysed temperature and moisture fields in the Met Office global NWP model – S. Swadley, B. Candy, F. Hilton, J. English, W. Bell
Clouds and Precipitations
Error modelling related to microwave radiance assimilation of clouds and precipitation – R. Bennartz, M. Kulie
Ground-based observations of precipitating clouds by a scanning polarimetric triple-frequency microwave radiometer - A. Battaglia, P. Saavedra, C. Simmer, T. Rose
Rain retrieval using 183 GHz absorption lines – S. La Viola, V. Levizzani
Observations of the temporal and spatial distribution of water vapour and clouds with a scanning microwave radiometer – S. Kneifel, U. Loehnert, S. Crewell, J. Schween
On the Use of Microwave Sounder Data for High-Temporal Rainfall Maps based on Microwave Radiometers – S. Shige, T. Yamamoto, T. Tsukiyama, S. Kida, T. Kubota, K. Okamoto
Deriving wind components at cloud-base height using a commercial infrared camera and a microwave radiometer – E. Brocard, M. Schneebeli, C. Mätzler
Use of millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths to retrieve cloud/rain information in tropical systems – E. Defer, C. Prigent, F. Aires, J. Chaboureau, J.P. Pinty, J. Pardo
Air-broadened half-widths of the 22 GHz and 183 GHz water vapor lines - V. Payne, J. Delamere, K. Cady-Pereira, J.L. Moncet, E. Mlawer, T. Clough, R. Gamache
Potential of millimeter wavelength observations for remote sensing of precipitation and hydrometeors – M. Mech, S. Crewell, J.P. Chaboureau, I. Meirold-Mautner, C. Prigent
The microwave emission of a non-smooth periodic sea surface – A. Selunski, A. Kuzmin
Improving the Neural Networks' Retrieval of Sea Surface Salinity for SMOS Mission – A. Ammar, S. Labroue, C. Mejia, M. Crépon, S. Thiria, E. Obligis
L-Band Dielectric Constant Measurements of Seawater: Accuracy Issues and Measurements – R. Lang, C. Utku, Y. Tarkocin, D.M. Le Vine
The potential of QuikSCAT and WindSat observations for the estimation of sea surface wind vector under severe weather conditions – Y. Quilfen, C. Prigent, B. Chapron, A. Mouche
Air-sea interaction monitoring by remote and contact measurements: the results of the CAPMOS'05 and CAPMOS'07 experiments on an oceanographic platform in the Black Sea – M. Pospelov, Y. Goryachkin, N. Komarova, A. Kuzmin, A. Kuznetsov, P. Pampaloni, I. Repina, M. Smirnov, S. Zecchetto
Dynamics of short waves spectrum measured by remote and contact sensors from an oceanographic platform – M. Pospelov, V. Antonov, A. Kuzmin, I. Sadovsky
Melting snow in Greenland and Antarctica from space-borne microwave data and climate model results – M. Tedesco, R. Armstrong, K. Steffen, W. Abdalati, X. Fettweis, M. Brodzik
The millimeter wave response to volume density and grain size of dry statistically homogeneous snow. An algorithm for retrieval of snow depth from radiometer data at the frequencies 22 and 37 GHz – V. Golunov
Comparison of predictions by the modified HUT snow emission model with brightness temperature data representing forested terrain and snow-covered lake ice – J. Pulliainen, A. Kontu, J. Lemmetyinen, M. Takala
The retrievals of effective grain size and snow water equivalent from variatonally-retrieved microwave surface emissivities – C. Kongoli, S. Boukabara, F. Weng
Regional features of microwave radiation and snow cover interaction on the example of the north of the european part of Russia – V. Tikhonov, D. Boyarskii, L. Kitaev, M. Raev, E. Cherenkova
A theoretical analysis on the sensitivity of microwave emission to snow parameters – M. Brogioni, G. Macelloni, S. Paloscia, P. Pampaloni, S. Pettinato, E. Santi
Sea Ice
Multi year sea ice concentration mapping using passive and active microwave satellite data – E. Shalina, O.M. Johannessen
L-band radiometry for sea ice applications – G. Heygster, C. Haas, L. Kaleschke, D. Stammer, R. Tomboe
Ground-Based X-Band Opacity Measurements of Tropical Tree Canopies in Panama and its Link to Intercepted Rain, Eddy Fluxes, Sap Flow and Other Meteorological Variables – M. Schneebeli, W. Eugster, S. Wolf, C. Maetzler
Radiometric Observations of Vines from the Green Period to the Withering – A. Monerris, M. Vall-llossera, A. Camps, M. Piles
The Mediterranean Ecosystem L-Band EXperiment over vineyards (MELBEX-II) – A. Cano, C. Millán-Scheiding, J.P. Wigneron, C. Antolín, J. Balling, J.P. Grant, A. Kruszewski, K. Saleh, S. Søbjærg, N. Skou, E. Lopez-Baeza
Modeling the multi-frequency emission of Mediterranean forests and comparisons with experimental data – A. Della Vecchia, P. Ferrazzoli, L. Guerriero, R. Rahmoune, E. Santi, S. Pettinato, S. Paloscia

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